Transfer your ISA to SVS

Transfer to Us

Transferring your investments from other providers to us is easy and simple. You will benefit from consolidating multiple portfolios all in to one place with easy access using the same password and login to your trading account, Stocks & Share ISA and SIPP.


Transfer Charges
Transfer into SVS (NCBO)*** £0.00 per stock/certificate

***(NCBO) = No Change of Beneficial Owner


How to Transfer To SVS

  • Open an SVS XO account
  • Download and complete the ISA Transfer Form
  • Post your completed form to us at Transfer Department, SVSSecurities Plc, 4th Floor, Princes Court, 7 Princes Street, London, EC2R 8AQ, UK

Once we have received your form we will take the necessary arrangements to transfer your share holdings to SVS Securities. When the transfer has been completed you will be informed by email.

How Long Does the Transfer Take?

How long the process takes depends on how long it takes for your existing broker to provide us with details of the transfer. Please note: whilst this transfer process is happening you will not be able to trade the shares.

Risk Warning: All investments carry risks. The price of shares and other financial investments, and the income derived from them, may fall as well as rise and the amount realised may be less than the original capital invested. There is an extra risk of losing money when shares are bought in a period of high volatility. The extent and value of any ISA tax advantages or benefits may vary according to your individual circumstances.

The levels and bases of taxation may be subject to change. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance and past performance is not a guarantee of future success. You should carefully consider your own financial circumstances before dealing in the stock market. You may not get back the full amount invested. If you are in any doubt about your investment decisions, we recommend you seek the advice of an independent financial advisor authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, who specialises in advising on the acquisition of shares and other securities.