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Research is a critical component of a successful investment strategy.

Our analyst team is dedicated to providing you with insightful commentary & analysis which empowers your decision-making and equips you with compelling investment ideas across a wide range of markets, sectors, asser classes and instruments

Main market

The latest news and insights into FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350 companies and focus on the stocks that are moving now.

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Get the inside story on the AIM stocks that are making the headlines in the most prestigious growth market in the world.

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Special reports

Find out which oil and mining stocks to invest in or what new technology opportunities are merging in India, with SVS Special Reports.

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Daily CFD updates and recommendation available in regular research reports and the daily Trade of the Day and Morning Report newsletters.

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Our latest research reports

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Morning Report Thu 22 Jun 2017

FTSE 100 called flat to slightly higher at the outset

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Morning Report Wed 21 Jun 2017

FTSE 100 called lower at the outset

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Morning Report Tue 20 Jun 2017

FTSE 100 called slightly higher at the outset

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Morning Report Mon 19 Jun 2017

FTSE 100 called higher at the outset

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