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The new Individual Savings Account (NISA) has arrived

You can now subscribe up to £15,240 to a 2016/2017 SVS Online Stocks and Shares NISA

What is a NISA?

From 1 July 2014 ISAs will be reformed into a simpler product, the New ISA (NISA). All existing ISAs will become NISAs and account holders will benefit from new flexibility in relation to their accounts, as well as an increased overall subscription limit of £15,240. NISA savings can be held in cash or stocks and shares in any combination that the saver wishes. The Government is changing the name to reflect the significantly increased limits and flexibility associated with the NISA.

Some people invest in NISAs to grow their savings, some to put money aside for their future and some to generate an income. Whatever your reason for investing, SVS Online Stocks & Shares NISA makes investing quick and easy. You do not have to pay income tax on dividends received or capital gains tax (CGT) on returns from any investments in your NISA and there are no restrictions on withdrawals.

Charges on an SVS Online NISA

  • £7.95 flat rate per trade
  • NO Annual or Management Fees

Tax benefits of an SVS Online NISA

There is no further tax to pay on any dividends after the 10% ‘tax credit’ has been deducted prior to the dividend being received. This also applies to Higher rate tax payers.

You won’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax on profits within your NISA.

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